Zonk A Zombie

Zonk A Zombie

Date added: 09/11/2018

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Zonk A Zombie free online game at gogy game play brings a very important mission to you. Zombies appear on the ground and they invade the entire city if you do not destroy them. When they appear, you use the hammer and kill them in this game. Each level has 30 seconds to get the job done. So use your time wisely.


This is probably one of the most familiar games you have ever played. Different levels will give you more difficult challenges. For example, the number of zombies appears to increase and you need to kill them quickly before they bite you. Actually, this is a difficult task if you need to destroy all the zombies by yourself. Join the first level and overcome them by your abilities. You will surely be amazed at your abilities.


Different gaming tips always help players when playing online games at http://www.gogy.games/. You can completely share with your friends if they are looking for games. Play on Zombie to relax in your free time. We constantly update the latest themed and different games that you can hardly miss. Lacking any further but not explore them today. Take pride in your abilities and protect the city from Zombie attacks. They will surely bite you if you miss any zombies. What is the highest level you complete in this game?


Challenge yourself and the hardest game modes and you will love your game. Do not miss the other favorite zombie games similar to this game such as Frizzle Fraz 4 and Cubefield. We help players explore the new world with countless interesting things. You can save games to your favorite games list today. 

Game controls:


Use the left mouse button to use the hammer to destroy the zombies by banging on their heads

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