Zombie Incursion

Zombie Incursion

Date added: 05/01/2018

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Play Zombie Incursion game on gogy online. It was a perfect afternoon for a nap, but there's no time for that... as you now have to defend the city from hordes of zombies! Upgrade and decide which weapon you'll bring to battle the undead! Featuring 15 levels, 6 upgradable weapons, 18 quests and 3 bosses!

Fight off waves of zombies invading your territory. Sway the chainsaw back and forth; let the saw cut through the heads of the undeads to kill 'em all. You must stop the Zombie Incursion before they can kill your or cross the border to your property.

In this gogygame, we are looking for those, who is not afraid of different terrible creatures. Are you there? Take the gun and try to kill them as soon as possible, otherwise they will capture our world! Brrr! We know that you are the best one!

Slice, shoot, and blow up the monsters on your lawn! Zombie Incursion challenges you to stop the undead from overtaking your town. In the first battle, you are armed with a chainsaw on the farm. Travel into town, and stop the zombies from fully destroying the nuclear power plant!

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Game controls:

WASD = Move,

Mouse = Attack

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