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Zassin is a different action game, it don't need you to remember a lot of complicate combo, what you need to do is push arrow key within limited time. Is this easy? Have a try and you will know! Is this gogy online game interesting? Yes, of course!

"I'm rubber and you're glue: Ninja stars bounce off of me and stick into you." That'll be what you're saying if your reactions are fast enough in Zassin: Stick Guy Assassin. Dodge your would-be killers and give a dose of their own medicine. And by "medicine" we mean "death."

Assassins are on their way to destroy you, terminate each and everyone of them! Watch out, they'll come from every angle, equipped with advance weapons & artillery. Take out all 25 enemies in a single combo if you're up for the challenge. Test your might in HARD mode for even tighter timing & strict conditions.

Zassin is brutal and bloody mayhem. In this awesome stickman-themed assassination game gogy you control your killer through various mission to wipe out all rivals before they can harm you. Much fun at

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Game controls:


Use the arrow keys and time each attack perfectly.

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