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Weapon is one of the latest shooting games that allows you to play on gogy action games. The enemies invaded the position with an aim of destroying your base. As an elite soldier, your task is to prevent them from attacking your land.

The game has various weapons for you to choose such as the shotguns, the sniper rifles, cannons, pistols, revolvers, barkers, AK74u and so on. Pick one of them to start the fight. Remember to name your character. Your enemies appear from the left of the screen. They come in a wave by wave and stand in the middle of the land to shoot your base. You can see your health on the left corner of the screen in gogy free games. It is 1000 at first. As the foes shoot you, your base gets damage and the health decreases gradually. You die when it comes to zero.

Each level has its own requirement. For example, in level 1, you have to kill 6 enemies and this number increases level by levels. You must prevent the foes approaching and damaging your base. Shoot them constantly at their heads to eliminate them faster. Try your best to protect your land as long as possible to gain the highest scores.

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Game controls:

Click the mouse to shoot.

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