The King Of Fighters Wing Ex

The King Of Fighters Wing Ex

Date added: 06/11/2017

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Major upgrade of KOF Wing which, 7 years after the first online flash version and 6 months of hard work since the previous, passes into another dimension with WingEX. The interface benefits from a major overhaul, graphics have been improved while maintaining the great playability and advanced artificial intelligence of the game.

You will have understood that "The King of Fighters Wing Ex" has never been so exciting and this fighting game should not disappoint the many fans who waited for it patiently. 

The King Of Fighters Wing Ex - click to play online on Games Gogy 2017. It will take you to a cool world! And It has been 7 Years since the first KOF wing was born '2007'. Now with the release of KOF Wing Ex, we take the next step into the future. 

KOF Wing Ex 2 is an incredible online arcade fighting game. Combine King of Fighters characters with some Street Fighter characters.

Choose to play by yourself against the computer or in 2 player mode with your friend on the same computer. With 20 total playable fighters to choose from. Include 7 more characters than the previous version.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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Game controls:

=Player 1 =
WASD: move
J:  Heavy Punch
K: Heavy Kick
L: Emergency Escape
U: Weak Punch
I: Weak Kick
O: Power burst

=Player 2 =
↑↓←→: move
1:  Heavy Punch
2: Heavy Kick
3: Emergency Escape
4: Weak Punch
5: Weak Kick
6: Power burst

Train and try to figure out special key combinations. All control can be changed by going to “config” menu.

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