Shackle-Man City Raid

Shackle-Man City Raid

Date added: 13/11/2018

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Get ready to use your rope and transform with the different shapes in the Shackle-Man City Raid game at gogygame. You will move with your ingenious skills and go through all the obstacles in this game. It's hard to complete the challenge with your shape. But take advantage of this chance that you have to move the furthest distance in this game. You are accustomed to your shape when you are able to pass tough through various shapes while playing the game.


This is really one of the surprises you can discover in this moving game. Players use strings and cling to different positions to jump through the gaps. If you do not move carefully, you will fall down in this game. Therefore, look carefully and move so quickly that you will not disappear from the screen.


Some of the game tips will help you when participating in this online game at This is also one of the moving games that require more challenge and flexibility that you need to pass. Do not miss your chance to become the best player today. We continually update the latest games for players with different free themes. You can choose to play the game according to your preference or depending on your age.


Share with your friends to discover this exciting gaming world today. You will definitely find it difficult to make the first move. However, you can completely overcome it and participate in the game better knowing how to move in this exciting game. In addition, we also update the latest games for players at the website like Mo Fro and Floor Is Lava Runner. Do not miss out on your exploration opportunity today. 

Game controls:

Press and hold the left mouse button to move through different positions

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