Ricochet Kills Siberia

Ricochet Kills Siberia

Date added: 19/03/2018

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Ricochet Kills Siberia is an online game that you can play on gogy games online for free with no registration. The rule of this game is so simple but it requires you to wrack your brain in order to pass many difficult levels. You are in a field full of the awesome zombies. They stand everywhere but they can’t harm you. However, you must kill all of them to win the game.

The number of zombies is different in each level. Besides, you are also prepared a different amount of bullets. For instance, you have 2 zombies and 5 bullets in level one. In level 3, the number of zombies is 3 and the number of bullets is 5 or in level 24, you got 5 zombies and 7. The number of targets increases when you are in the higher levels in gogy 2018 free games.

Use the gun in your hand to shoot at them. Try to shoot directly at them to kill them faster. However, many foes stand in the difficult position where you can’t shoot at or your opponents hide behind the wall. Don’t worry, you can see the iron bars, shoot at them to change the direction of the bullet and you can kill the undead.

When you utilize all the bullets but you have not killed all the opponents yet, you lose the game and must retry this level. Sometimes you can see the fired box, shoot at them to make the fire in order to kill the enemies around it. We prepare you plenty of levels with different challenges to conquer.

If you find that the game is attractive, don’t forget to rate it highly and leave your emotion in the comments boxes. Have fun with others addicted games like Swordsman Steve and Zombies Ate All at http://www.gogy.games/.

Game controls:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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