Pocket Ninja

Pocket Ninja

Date added: 17/12/2018

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In the battle against the cruel Vikings, Gogy land needs a strong ninja who can protect the village and complete the tasks. The theme of the game is to customize your own, skillful ninja and choose the most suitable skills for him. In order to create a perfect ninja who is good enough to take on the aggressive enemies and win you the gold, it's crucial to first take a look at the available equipment.


In the beginning, your ninja only has some simple tools. As you progress further, you can combine two ninjas into one and unlock the new version of them! The more you play, the more ninjas you can unlock, which will be beneficial for the higher levels. The new ninjas will have better skills and weapons than the old ones. Also, they can attack the enemies faster and more efficient. However, you will find blood-thirsty Vikings, pirates and more in this crazy action game at http://www.gogy.games/


Be careful while collecting the dropped gold as well. You can use these coins at the store to buy updates later as you will need them when another wave of attack starts. The other ninjas will attack in waves so that you can have the time to prepare for your ninja. Will you be able to live up to the title of Pocket Ninja? You can train and improve your skills with more games like Swat Vs Zombies and Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7.

Game controls:

Choose and emerge the ninjas using the left mouse. 

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