Peter Paranormal

Peter Paranormal

Date added: 05/03/2019

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The adventure of Peter, Lily and TJ start off on a windy night when these friends decide to collect some Hawthorne branches in the wood. Unfortunately, they are captured by the howdy ghosts luring inside the dark place. In order to get them out, Peter will need your help as he prepares to capture ghouls. The tools for you to accomplish this task in is the spook stick. Also, collect the bonuses and powerups as these will be helpful for you in your rescue attempt.

As you are shooting the ghosts, keep one tip in mind. If you manage to shoot many, the spook stick will be recharged faster. Miss too many ghosts and your energy will run out. Another feature which makes this game different from other games at Gogy land is that you will have to shoot in the dark. The light from the stick will assist you to see, but only for a small space.

Keep dragging the stick and search every nook and cranny to find all the ghosts on the map. The number of ghosts and limited time range are shown at the top of the screen so that you can keep track of it. You have only three lives for each level, so try your best to stay alive and protect your friends.

This game has many other elaborated features and a cool storyline to make sure that the players can emerge into it. More games from the same category are Flappy Cat and Subway Surf Halloween

Game controls:

Use the mouse to aim

Press LMB to fire, activate bonuses by clicking on 1,2,3 keys.

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