Peppa Pig Puzzle

Peppa Pig Puzzle

Date added: 25/01/2019

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Peppa Pig Puzzle, a jigsaw game for kids has just been added to the collection at Gogy land! It's the chance for you to improve your observation and guessing skills with one of the jigsaw games with the most pieces online. First, the players can choose from one of four modes: easy, medium, hard and expert. Pick the appropriate mode depending on your experience and the number of pieces on each mode.


For example, if you are a newbie, an Easy mode with only 12 pieces will be a great option to start off the game. However, if you are confident with your skills, don't hesitate to challenge with the hard picture at Expert mode. Take a good look at the overall picture and then hit the shuffle button. In order to match the pieces, you need to drag the pieces into the right position.


One of the best new features of this game which is different than the others at is that you can choose multiple pieces at a time. This allows you to match a small block from some pieces and put that block into the large grid later. Not only will you enhance the thinking skills with amazing jigsaw pictures but you can also have fun with the Peppa Pig, a famous character for kids. The other cool characters can be found at Pokemon Jump Jump and Garfield Car Hidden Letters. How fast can you solve the jigsaw puzzles?

Game controls:

Hold and drag the left mouse to move the pieces, Uses Ctrl and Left mouse to choose multiple pieces.

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