Penguin Adventure 2

Penguin Adventure 2

Date added: 17/11/2018

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A new journey prepares to take place in Penguin Adventure 2 at juegos gogy. You will move in snow city and overcome all obstacles to reach the highest score in this game. There are many levels for you to explore in this exciting game. First, you will select one player or 2 player mode. After that, the player can completely begin his journey of discovery. Avoid the animals that appear on the way to save your 6 lives. If you collide with them, you lose a life.


In addition, the player can help the penguin fight, make snowballs, bomb or jump over obstacles and collect all the coins along the way. Take advantage of the moving little steps to move in this game at You will need them to pass the mountains or the highest points in the game. Players notice that the penguin swim. So do not miss the chance to complete each level's quest with different challenges and win the highest score. Use life in a thrifty manner in this game.


We constantly update the latest games for players around the world with different challenges. You can spend time exploring your own world or sharing with your friends to join 2 players in this special game. In addition, we also update similar games with this game that you can explore in your spare time such as Penguin Climbing and Chainsaw Princess. Each game is a world that is easy to get involved without being bothered by ads or load speed. 

Game controls:

Player 1: WASD to move, Space to switch weapon, J to kick, K for a snowball, L for a bomb.

Player 2: 2 for a snowball, 1 to kick, arrow keys to move and 3 for bomb

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