Ninjago Forgotten City

Ninjago Forgotten City

Date added: 26/12/2017

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We are back with a new game from the Ninjago category full of intresting games like Ninjago Forgotten City, the game that you are about to play on Gogy 2018.

So, if you are a fan of friv games you are definitely will be interestend and love to play this gogygame where you are with Kai and try to save your friends from a bunch of snakes that attack your team in an important mission. You are alone and the Master Spinjitzu Wu is not here to help you so all the hard work it's on you!

Playing with Kai will give you the opportunity to play with a great weapon, the legendary Spinjitzu Axe! With this weapon you will fight in the one of the greatest war between a Ninjago and Snake Tribe. You can do some great stuff like combos and double jumps and if you ar pressing twice for left or right you will dash and destroy a bunch of them. Play and fight like a true warrior in the newst Ninjago Fighting game named Ninjago Forgotten City.

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Game controls:

Use the arrows to move and A to attack. Press twice for left of right to dash.

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