Lab Rat Quest For Cheese

Lab Rat Quest For Cheese

Date added: 25/06/2019

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There are various of cheese for this rat to eat, but this maze is the problem. In order to win this Gogy free game, the players need to find the way out the maze while gathering the cheese on your way. This means that you have to pass all the routes possible to search for the cheese. Your only task is to find the cheese before the cheese award turns zero.

In that case, you will not gain any score by gathering the cheese. Will you be able to find all the 42 pieces of cheese in this game at On each level, there is a different map layout and a different number of cheese pieces. This game will demand you to adapt very well with new terrains and show your amazing observation skills.

Moreover, two points of views and customization for views makes it even better to enjoy. You can look from the viewpoint of the mouse or choose to see the whole maze from the top. The special feature creates a good experience for the fans of this genre. Your navigation skills and observation skills will enhance significantly after a few levels of this cool game.

Keep in mind that speed is also an important feature since you will have to race against the clock as well. If this is your type of game, don't hesitate to try out more choices like Cheesy Wars and Pizza Challenge for the best gaming experience! 

Game controls:

Arrows to navigate around the maze.

Use the space bar to see the whole maze.

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