Knight Age Christmas

Knight Age Christmas

Date added: 14/12/2017

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A Christmas edition of the jousting gogy game, Knight Age. Choose your knight and head up to the North Pole to compete in Santa's jousting tournament. Set your horse's speed and keep your lance on target as you try to deal more damage to your opponent than he does to you. Each jousting match consists of several rounds, and you will earn money for each round that you win. You will need to reduce your opponent's health to zero in order to win the match. After the match, you can spend your winnings on upgrades that will make you a better jouster.

Knight Age Christmas - click to play online on GOgy games 2018. Are you ready to throw yourself headlong into the battle between knights on Xmas? Then choose your knight. Control the speed of your horse and balance of your lance. Race at your opponent, aim and inflict massive damage to win the joust. Earn money for it and buy upgrades for your knight. Enjoy the Middle Age, the Age of Chivalry on Christmas. Have fun at!

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Game controls:

Mouse click = Speed Horse / Balance Lance

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