King's Rush

King's Rush

Date added: 18/10/2017

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Make the king's dreams come true. King's Rush features a dozen fortresses, vicious monsters, 32 upgrades, boosters, and pretty beach girls.

King's Rush - click to play online on Gogy Online. Select your battering ram, increase some updates and get prepared to raze anything to the ground in the enjoyable distance game King's Rush! 

Alongside the way you have to attempt to hop over road blocks or ruin them or you will eliminate a life. The further you get the more gold you will gain to get one more royal war kart or some awesome upgrades. Have a good time!

Destroy fortress after fortress on your way to riches and glory! Drive your mighty battering ram through the guarded gates of the enemy castles! Purchase upgrades to increase the power of your cannon and make the necessary repairs after each battle. Use might and magic to crush the enemy in King's Rush! 

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Game controls:

Controls: Space = Jump, X = Shoot

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