Gunmaster Onslaught

Gunmaster Onslaught

Date added: 08/12/2018

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Stay alive as long as possible in Gunmaster Onslaught using your shooting skills! In this shooting game from Gogy land, your job is to survive and shoot down the enemies to earn points. You will be able to get ammo and health by gathering the crates and the items scattered around. Since it's an onslaught, the enemies will use extra explosions and bullets, therefore, it's crucial to steer clear of them.


The differences in the game modes will bring so many challenges for the players with Gogy action games. Three modes are Progressive, All Mode and Both. In Progressive, you will have to deal with the different amount and type of enemies on each level. But with All Mode, every enemy has an equal chance of being loaded so you will have to keep your guard and stay focus in this one. Or you can choose to play in both modes, which means that the difficulty level will increase gradually.


Not only does it have a great gameplay but the plot is also amazing to follow. It's one of the most elaborated shooting games at One of the hardest challenges of this game is the high volume of enemies and the strange terrain. Sometimes, you will have to shoot in the snow, which makes it even more difficult. But fun is guaranteed! Test out your aiming skills with various choices like Hunter And Props and Dead Squad: The Last Mission.

Game controls:

Move the character using the arrow keys. Use the grenade with E Key. Use the mine with R Key. Jump using the spacebar. Change Weapons with 1, 2, 3 keys.

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