Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Escape

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Escape

Date added: 07/05/2019

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Gordon Ramsay is famous for his harsh training and tough methods. Now, what would you do if you are accidentally trapped in a Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Escape game from Gogy land? This is another point and clicks game that the players experience through the first-person point of view. You will find yourself locked inside a hot kitchen, and your task is to find the way out quickly.

In order to do so, make sure to observe carefully. If you manage to find the useful and interesting puzzles clues symbols, there will be higher chances that you can solve the big quizzes and finally escape from here. There are some certain required items for each door. You can use the hints whenever you are stuck. However, keep in mind that the number is limited, therefore, use these hints wisely.

Also, can you see the shape of the items on the list? That can be a suggestion for the easier ones as well. Like most other escape game, finding the clues might be hard at first. The moment you get used to the terrain and graphics, you can rock any challenge. At http://www.gogy.games/, feel free to dash from one place to another and search every nook and cranny.

It's all about the observation skills and the puzzle-solving technique. How many doors can you open? Other games in the category such as Easter Eggs Coloring will bring new themes to the playground, so don't miss them out! 

Game controls:

Interact and choose the items with your mouse.

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