Five Fights At Freddy's

Five Fights At Freddy's

Date added: 27/12/2017

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Five Fights At Freddy’s is a horror filled, beat-em-up action game based off the hit Five Nights At Freddy’s. In Five Fights At Freddy’s, you control one of five terrifying animatronic robots as you try to conquer your opponent in an all-out brawl. Timing is everything in this gogy free game as blocking at just the right time can catch your opponent off guard and give you the opening you need to be victorious! Can you beat them all?

This time, you won’t be traveling across a vast game world solving puzzles. The main goal of this online gogy game is to kill your opponent. It won’t be that easy though. You can defend yourself and attack your opponent when he doesn’t expect it. Make sure not to get killed first! Try to do everything in your power to proceed to the next level. It’s not that difficult. You only need to attack at the right time.

The creepy robots from the famous horror series have turned on each other! Pick out your favorite bot and get ready to rumble in this crazy fighting game.

Five Fights at Freddy's is the ultimate horror fighting game. Choose one of the five characters and try to survive all fights. Turn of the light and play this fun but dark and frenzy game. Good luck at!

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Use mouse to play this game

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