Duke Dogstorm Escape

Duke Dogstorm Escape

Date added: 16/05/2019

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If you are the type to go up for a new challenge, why don't you take a look at Duke Dogstorm Escape game from Gogy 2019? This is definitely not your ordinary escape game nor the mediocre puzzle game. It's one of the latest point-and-click game where the players take on the role of the first person. Explore the whole dungeon here and search for the way out. But that's not all. You will have to move in the dark with only one light spot as the support. The coverage of the light is not much, but the best players will be able to take advantage of it. There are more missions than just finding the way out.

In this game at http://www.gogy.games/, you will be in charge of searching a dog inside the large modern house. The walls are set up in a tight way, therefore, the layout of the house might seem intimidating and hard to move at first. Don't panic! Just slowly move along the corridor so that you could find more useful kinds of stuff. There will be interesting puzzles clues scattered around the place as well. Find them, piece them together to solve the larger quizzes. There is no time limit, so the only problem is how long it takes you to find the dog and get out.

Also, beware of the pop-up obstacles and random animals showing up along the way. The feature of the game allows the players to freely roam and take initiative in actions. There are more escape games for you like Mr. Bean Hidden Bells and Match 4 without any cost! 

Game controls:

Move and interact using the mouse and arrow keys.

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