Deterministic Dungeon

Deterministic Dungeon

Date added: 23/12/2017

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The coder has passed on responsibilities to you, the RNG 'Random Number Generator', to determine the outcome of this dungeon crawling game free gogy.

I'm fed up with coding! This is me passing the baton to you to DETERMINE everything that would have been random about this dungeon crawling game!

You ARE the Random Number Generator! (RNG). Be patient with yourself though, it takes a while to get the hang of directing your own future. THE POWER IS YOURS!

Don't you want to be the the hero and the programmer at the same time of a cool dungeon game? In this gogygame, you can! You are the random number generator of the game and all you have to do is click a button to randomly choose an action for your hero and try to survive in this adventure. The power is all yours! Enjoy at!

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Game controls:

Mouse to click buttons to determine dungeon layout, RNG results, and battle options.
Click the target icon in upper right corner to enable "auto-target" mode to speed up gameplay.

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