Creepos Tales 2

Creepos Tales 2

Date added: 16/10/2017

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Greetings curious corpses. Tonight, on Gogy Games, Creepo has a very special scary story for you. It is about Pedro, an young curious man from Brazil. A long time ago, a ranger named Mason went to Redwood Park but he never came back! The legend says that he fell off a cliff but his body was never found because he is still alive! He suffered from a trauma and became a psychotic killer! Ever since, the park is closed on Friday the 13th, because this is when he comes out to play... And now, Pedro wants to discover the park... on a friday... the 13th. 

Carmel Games' Creepo is back for another ghoulishly goofy tale of mildly macabre escapery with Creepo's Tales: Friday the 13th - Gogy Online Free. Pedro, a hiker, finds himself trapped in a national park and hunted by a crazed ranger who's turned into a psychotic killer after falling off a cliff... you know, as you do. To help Pedro find a way out, just click around to explore. The cursor will change when you can interact with something, and you can either combine items in your inventory by clicking first one then the other, or pick it up to use it elsewhere.

Don't be too scared... despite some great atmosphere thanks to the wonderful ambient colouring and creepy backgrounds, this isn't much of a horror game. In fact, the scariest thing might be how short the game is, though by and large most of the puzzles tend to be logical, which has been an issue with some Carmel Games titles in the past. Will Pedro escape "crazy Mason"? And even if he does, well, he's not out of the woods yet! Hopefully the next installment is a little meatier... you know, something to really sink your fangs into.

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