Crayon Shinchan Adventure

Crayon Shinchan Adventure

Date added: 07/12/2018

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Crayon Shinchan is one of the most famous comics for readers all around the world thanks to its simple and incredibly fun plotline, as well as cute characters. But after reading it for a while, would you like to test another version with more updates like an online game? Let's try out Crayon Shinchan Adventure online from Gogy games!


This game is built based on the inspiration of the original comic, but with the extra animations and twists. Still, it remains a great choice to kill some boring time. Nobody knows what happen. Friends of Shin-Chan have become his enemies. Therefore, you need to guide Shin through the road without being caught by the enemies. He needs to defeat his friends such as the little birds to reach home safely. The gameplay resembles the old classic Pixel games a little bit.


In order to bypass the enemies safely, you just need to estimate and choose the perfect timing to jump over them. However, keep in mind that some birds will return and chase after Shin-Chan, so run as fast as possible! You only have five hearts, which means that you can't fail more than 5 times. At, your collected coins will be used to calculate the final scores, so don't miss out on any of the coins along your way. Lots of games with various themes are available for free such as Pixel Castle Runner and Javelin Fighting

Game controls:

Move Shin-Chan using WASD or the arrow keys.

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