Chance A Lot

Chance A Lot

Date added: 02/12/2017

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Chance A Lot - Gogy games. A point-and-click adventure where you must help a young knight conquer a kingdom by destroying enemy towers and saving the queen!

Looking for a leisurely way to make you feel a little... knightly? Look no further than Chance a Lot, the latest point-and-click game by Gogy. You play an intrepid knight, striving to take over the conveniently advertised kingdom for conquer. If only finding work were always that easy. With brave music to accompany you, or not if you employ the mute button, simply use your mouse to click on objects in the correct order to progress.

Your goal in each of the 14 areas is to find a way to beat the evil red towers... second cousins to Sauron, perhaps?The puzzles are not too tough as many of the objects or areas meant to be clicked are made obvious by arrows. If you are looking for a challenge, Chance a Lot probably won't satisfy. If you're looking to be king for a day by means of catapults, horses, lances and axes, then sally forth!

Do you want to be King? There is a free kingdom to conquer! Destroy all the evil towers and save the queen.

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Game controls:

Use only your mouse to solve all the puzzles that are waiting for you.

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