Cg Mario New Levels

Cg Mario New Levels

Date added: 01/07/2019

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This classic game of Cg Mario New Levels which has been your best childhood memory is now back with some new levels at Gogy land! If you have been familiar with the arcade theme of the Mario game series, this gameplay will not be strange to you. It remains as an interesting platform game where the players control Mario and make him move in accordance with their instructions. The goal is to bypass as many levels as possible with the highest score ranges.

There will be gold coins scattered on the blocks and around the place. While moving to avoid the monsters and jumping up and down the blocks, you should remember to gather all these coins to boost your scores as well. More than just ordinary monsters, you might have to go up against tons of new deadly obstacles such as the hole, spikes, rolling fire rings, and many other things! A tip for you to overcome these is to jump up higher and move through the blocks instead of on the ground.

The game at also requires you to kill the enemies to win the game, so keep your focus in order to survive. It's still one of the most famous games for kids even nowadays thanks to the cool pixelated graphics and fun challenges. Don't hesitate to take a look at more collection of games like Yahtzee and Old M and  for the best time of your life! 

Game controls:

Move the character with arrow keys.

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