Cartoon Cars Hidden Letters

Cartoon Cars Hidden Letters

Date added: 10/01/2018

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The object in the gogygame is always to search by way of the images and come across all 26 letters of your alphabet hidden within the pictures. Now this may possibly sound effortless however it is not a walk in the park, you might have to become very attentive when looking by means of the image as the letters may well be right in front of you! The letters are hidden within the images and are a slight shade various or lighter from the colour of your part of the image that they may be hidden in.

Any time you locate a letter you simply click on it together with the mouse icon and it will reveal itself obviously and indicate on the bottom suitable corner of the game display in red color the list of alphabetical letters that have not yet been located. It is not tough to locate them all you may have to do is be patient and scan via the photo on section at a time and you will locate yourself spotting them one by one.

Try to find all the hidden letters on the cartoon image. Cartoon Hidden Letters is a free online gogygame from genre of cartoon and education. Find out the hidden letters in the specified images.

Each level (3 levels in the game) has 10 hidden letters. Use the mouse and keep clicking on the image to find hidden letters. The faster you find the letters the more points you will get.

Do you have a good vision? Let's have a check! Find all letters hidden on the image. There are many levels for you to challenge! What are you waiting for? Have a try! Enjoy Cartoon Cars Hidden Letters!

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Game controls:

Use mouse to play this game

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