Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare

Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare

Date added: 14/12/2017

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Rating: 0.6% 29 votes

Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare is the 7th in the series of the Boxhead games on GOgy. This time you’ll be kicking many baddies asses with a huge array of weaponry, guns, explosives, airstrikes and other harmful stuff. Play across many battlefields and even play on Facebook with many more cool features.

Play as Santa Claus and fight off hordes of boxhead zombies in this festive expansion pack for Boxhead: The Nightmare. Kill the zombies with a combination of melee weapons, guns and explosives. Collect coins from fallen zombies and use them to upgrade your weapons as well as your skills. Not all weapons and upgrades will be available at the start of the game gogy. Unlock new weapons by killing a certain number of enemies with a weapon, and unlock new upgrade options by leveling up your skills or weapons.

New installment in the Boxhead series, now with a Christmas theme. Grab a weapon and start defending yourself against the zombies. Santa has to fight against the Boxhead zombies on Xmas. Help him to kill the bad undeads. Try to collect coins and upgrade your amazing weapons. Enjoy Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare. Have fun at!

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Game controls:

  • Mouse: Look Around/Aim
  • W: Move Up
  • S: Move Down
  • A: Move Left
  • D: Move Right
  • Click: Shoot
  • Mouse Wheel: Select Weapon
  • Number Keys: Select Weapon
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