Avm Old Bungalow Escape

Avm Old Bungalow Escape

Date added: 02/04/2019

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The latest combination of puzzle games, collecting games with some mind teasing features is here at Gogy free game! It's your chance to play our new game: Avm Old Bungalow Escape for free. It's one of the most elaborate escape game where you're trapped in a very old bungalow. In order to make it out safely, you need to search every nook and cranny of the location, know about the hidden doors and objects to choose the best path.

The old bungalow is large and has many rooms as well as weird and unusual objects. Since no one lives outside, you are on your own! Will you be able to escape with your amazing wisdom and talents? The tips for a quick getaway is to find the helpful items scattered around. They can be placed in each room and hidden behind some curtains or carpets.

Also, keep exploring the new rooms will bring more chances of getting out easily. When you collect enough objects, it's time to use your wisdom to make great use of them. Some of the doors and locks will come with a four-digit password. Guess the right combination of numbers based on the hints you found and the doors will be opened!

Join this journey to learn and explore with the little boy in the old pretty bungalow at http://www.gogy.games/! You can be rewarded with money as you progress further in this game as well. Don't miss out on this opportunity to channel your inner spirit of an explorer with other choices like Peter Rabbit Maze and Temple Of The Four Serpents later. 

Game controls:

Interact with the items with the mouse.

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