Ashtons: Family Resort

Ashtons: Family Resort

Date added: 26/06/2019

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If you have always wanted to run a business of your own, Ashtons: Family Resort from Gogy land will be a good choice with its elaborated gameplay and carefully drawn graphics. It's a great time-management game that turns all the players into the owner of the tourist business. Since it's the prime time for tourism, the resort owned by the Ashton is fully packed with customers.

This time you are given a unique opportunity to manage the daily tasks of the venue, ranging from preparing the rooms, greeting the guests and taking care of all requirements. The workload will be a lot since there are many customers, but there is no doubt that you will learn tons of tips and tricks, as well as developing the skills. At, we provide a variety of upgrades and additional services to make the game more interesting.

The resort will be placed at colorful locations which vary depending on the level. The goal is to provide the service perfectly on time to avoid making the customers angry or annoyed, which means that the players have to pay attention to details and react quickly under pressure.

You will see the icons on the top of the customers turning to the angry mode when they are kept waiting for too long, therefore, it's crucial to keep track of the time and progress. Don't forget that there are other management games like Blocky Farm and Knights And Brides on our website for kids! 

Game controls:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and interact.

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