Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

Date added: 03/03/2018

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Angry Birds must be one of the most famous games at gogy games for school and it has gained the love of many players from all around the world. This time with the latest version: Angry Birds Space, you will get the chance to blast off the fire into space and launch the angry birds through the space to shoot down all of the annoying pigs.

The evil piggies are making a mess around the universe and they are trying to take control of the space. It's up to you and your angry birds to save the day. Players will have to play 18 levels with different settings and different obstacles. However, your goal remains unchanged - to knock out all the pigs. Remember that you only have a limited number of birds, which means that the number of shots is limited as well. The score on each level will be calculated based on the number of piggies and the time.

The best feature of this gogy 2018 game is the game environment. The low-gravity environment of space results in unique movements ranging from slow-motion motion to lightspeed destruction. If you can take advantage of this feature, you will easily become the best! Also, use the strength of each bird in time to optimize the destruction.

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Game controls:

Drag and pull the mouse in the desired direction to shoot the angry birds.

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