Aliens Hurry Home 2

Aliens Hurry Home 2

Date added: 19/10/2017

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In Aliens Hurry Home 2 - GOgy Games, our cute little blob alien friend has crash landed on a foreign planet while traveling through the vast milky way galaxy. But his ship was hit by an galactic storm. Help our little friend get home by collecting stars and avoid obstacles in the way.

There was a time ... a little alien traveling through the galaxy. But his ship has crashed in a storm. Help the alien get to your ship. Jump, dodge and avoid all obstacles and traps while collecting stars. Enjoy and win many KizKoins, and participate in the draw for great prizes, like every month.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your blue alien and make him jump. Press X to flatten your alien to get through narrow spaces (but you can't jump when you're in this mode). Collect all of the stars on each level and make it to your ship! 

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Game controls:

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump


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